How Shigero Miyamoto, legendary creator of Zelda and Mario Bros., designs a game

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Lies. I know it happens like this:


Sure he designs games.

Or…does the guy have a board somewhere, and put a star sticker beside icons representing tropes he’s already used, and once they collect five, he feels the bit can be used again?

Then again, people keep buying them so what do I know.

The 25th anniversary mario thing for Wii had a great book showing pictures of the original artwork used to code the game from graph paper, as well as the concept art for the characters. With the Galaxy line he showed much more complicated drawings explaining the way Mario should move through the stages.

It was really cool to look through.


Miyamoto has a keen eye for fun game mechanics, it’s easy to sneer at many Nintendo games but the fact that they remain popular especially among casual players speaks highly to his design philosophies.


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