How the "global super-rich" have honeycombed London's posh neighbourhoods with sub-basements, sub-sub-basements, and sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-basements


The word, “decedant” used to have meaning, as a pejorative. Now it’s just ad copy.


Not that boing boing is any sort of echo chamber, but…

Its probably an urban myth. Probably.


Nah, this is just how we’ve organized ourselves right now. Most people don’t actually care that much about accumulating massive wealth for themselves. If people are making enough to get buy (plus a little extra for fun) and they don’t hate their jobs then they don’t constantly feel the need for more. Money only buys happiness when it’s buying you out of povery.

But we keep saying it’s human nature to be greedy. We keep saying, “I don’t get why everyone else is so greedy, I don’t feel like I need that much.” But most of us are saying that to ourselves. Really, we’re just making excuses for a small percentage of people who are motivated by a desire to dominate other people, pretending that they are normal and a system where they run things is inevitable instead of saying they uncommon, somewhat dangerous, and the worst people to put in charge.


Am I the only one here who dreamt of doing this as a kid?

On another note, I had neighbors that selfishly dug out their own basement with shovels and a wheelbarrow, under the existing house, instead of spreading the wealth and hiring it done as the rich in London do.



The result of 35+ years of propaganda establishing neoliberalism as the “natural state of things”:


Did I say decedent? I meant dissident
(forking autoconnect!)



Wait a minute - do you live in Denver? Near Radio Tower Hill? Howdy, Neighbor!


I’m pretty sure the tweekers twitching around in spirals here could strip them for scrap metal in one moonlit night. If you are an oligarch’s contractor, I’m sure my neighbors would figure out a way to lure a dozen or two into a shipping container for a one-way trip to your dig site. They’ll vanish as soon as the scrapyards open.


This has to at least be in part because they know that their wealth is accumulated through the exploitation of labor and wanton destruction of the environment, the consequences from which they know they will need a bunker to hide. This signals many things, not least of all their intentions for how to deal with the guillotine brigade when it comes around.


I’d expect a pitchfork wielding mob to just pour something flammable down the air pipes and toss in a match.


Yeah, but often these houses are uninhabited, so imagine the creeper infestation when they get back and turn on the lights.


I read something once–was it here?–about how oligarchs and dictators seem to prefer the UK because of its longstanding culture of class stratification, and because they know how to train good servants (!).


In case anyone digs too deep, I sure hope there’s a dragon disposal team at the ready.


Yep they’ve been doing that in London for years! Burying diggers. I think Cory commented on that previously!

I’ve been into, for one dodgy reason or another, a couple of these mega-properties. They keep flooding with sewage when the drains get blocked.

LOL :slight_smile:


What is that from? Is that Tom Hardy with the chrome dome?


I was looking for the opening sequence of Cockneys versus Zombies, where London luxury developers accidentally excavate a sealed pit full of undead horror, but this works too.


Have the down-diggers been greeted by any of these fellows yet?



Boingboing article in 2080:

“Check out these cool abandoned caverns underneath London”