Ultra-rich people in NYC demand apartments with (gasp) driveways


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It’s nice of the ultra-wealthy to give us a place for the tumbrils.


This glamour of having more space than necessary is really what drives McMansions in surburbia. It’s not a deep pleasure like efficiency.


The ultra-ultra-wealthy are laughing at the merely ultra-wealthy for there simple desires.


Ultra-rich people: You can’t take it with you when you die.



is it ok that I hope people park in front of their driveway and block them in?


Next up, riding lawnmowers for the ultra-rich because if you are this rich who cares if you hold up traffic.


The car elevator is the big thing amongst the crazy rich here in San Diego. You drive your car into your home and take the car elevator down to your private automobile cave. Nice…


So, might as well blow it on a private driveway.


It’s so limousine liberals in NYC don’t have to interact with the plebs on common street.


You may be aware of the Crossrail project in London. A friend was working on this a few years back when the tunnellers broke into a completely illegal gigantic underground garage on three floors built by an oligarch. The only surface evidence was what looked like a single garage containing the lift. Sadly his underground garage is now part of a big tube lined with reinforced concrete in which ordinary people will travel to work.



If I stop and think about it for too long, I find myself looking forward to The Revolution.


Works for Batman.


You know, just the other day I was thinking to myself that NYC needs more cars.


Um… maybe they should move to the suburbs or the country where there is more room for such things?


Ultra-rich people: Go ahead and die already.


They don’t really care about having a driveway. They care about other people seeing that they have a driveway in a city of shoe-box apartments.


So, assholes, then. :wink: