Shadows from NYC supertowers are a bummer




First-world problems suck.


The silhouette of a large extended middle finger.


Residents of world's greatest city complain about shadows cast by world's greatest city.


I bet the trees in Central Park cast shadows too. Better cut those down.


Buuut I paaaaid 10 million for this 1400 square foot condooo and now it's occasionally in shaaaaaade stamps feet


This is not a new issue:

Just a guess, but it seems like a lot of the commenters here don't actually live here in NYC. I, for one, like tall buildings, but I also like to see the sun from time to time. Considering that it is unlikely that the particular building mentioned in the post will be the last to be built here, perhaps talking about this is a way to make builders and policy makers consider the effects of their profitable ventures on the other people who live and work in NYC.

Hmm, that's too long and doesn't seem to fit in with the tone of the discussion. How about this:

Nice to see BBers think only people who can afford million-dollar vacation homes should be allowed direct sunlight.


The condo is in the sky. The millionaire who lives there gets plenty of sun. It's all the little people at street level that are in the shade. Look at them down there, in the dark, scurrying around like insects. Disgusting.


No doubt this is a first world problem, but it is also a symptom of city planning by obscenely rich people for obscenely rich people with zero fucks given about public spaces that people who actually live there may use.


like rats, morelike.


Doesn't New York get brutally hot in the summer, what with all the asphalt and close-packed buildings? I'd be happy about getting a little extra shade.



thank god central park was shadow free up until this point.


How the hell did NY bungle the zoning on this? There weren't 85 story buildings along the park before... why are they allowing them now?


repeal of 1916 Zoning Resolution


It actually also seems pointless. What do you see of the Park from the 85th floor?


You can see all your piles of money.


The little people.


What's grimly amusing is that the shadow of the building screws up the view from the building.


"One of the privileges of the great is to witness catastrophes from a terrace." -- Jean Giraudoux