How to cope with chronic illness?

Here’s some tips (includes email):

Have you investigated DoctorSpring? Here’s a PR piece on them:

(Unfortunately, they list a bunch of news organizations on their website that have covered them, but all I can find is public relations press releases thus far, so it’s difficult to vouch for them.)

This seems to be a directory of doctor’s email addresses, but I’m not sure how legit they are either:

Thanks, but none of my sources listed hypothyroidism as a possible cause of hyperacusis. If anything, it’s supposed to be a cause of bad hearing, and you add bad balance, when I’ve got good hearing, and very good balance.

I went through a lot of specialists for a lot of years before I figured it out myself. The problem is that everyone’s constellation of symptoms is unique, so you can’t rule it out just because you have the opposite of someone else’s symptoms. If you haven’t tested for it yet, it’s worth the needle jab.

Anything that might lessen your pain would be a good thing.


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