The One True Cause of all disease (All 52 of them)


A good way to tell if a type of medicine is based on science is to see if it has changed much in the last 50 years.
Or maybe that’s just a way to see if it’s based on marketing.

Crap! I don’t have an “immine” system at all! I guess I am doomed.

I’ll buy “lack of life” as the one true cause of all death…


I like that “Ignorance of Reality” made the list, as it may not be the cause of all disease, but it is a major player in the making of this list

Study any one subject long enough and you run the risk of seeing the whole world through its unique (and often distorted) lens.

I’ve never met a chiropractor who says, “if your spine is in proper alignment, you can’t get sick.” They all just adjust my vertebrae, something I’ve never known a physician to do. Talk about ideologically-driven.


Cerebral hypoxia is actually the cause of all death. No matter how that person"died" the only thing that ended their life was a lack of oxygen in the brain. I know the post says disease, but I thought it would be a nice factoid to add.


I’ve had chiropractors tell me that adjusting vertebra can cure allergies, ear infections, problems with breastfeeding, and a wide host of other things that have absolutely nothing to do with vertebra.

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Notice how you phrased that differently from the author of this piece. “The chiropractor” doesn’t say that. Maybe yours did but mine didn’t. Generalizations aren’t good for physicians either.


It’s rarer; but what about massive trauma and direct mechanical disruption of the brain? A variety of… kinetic incidents… can disrupt a neural network substantially faster than it has time to run out of oxygen.

Application of 2.99 GJ to the whole-body will do the job without Cerebral hypoxia.

I’m screwed… I have very morbid humors.
And I also have been know to beat eggs, pound beer, whip cream and commit various other physical assaults on food.


One implicit premise that seems to run through many of these (somewhat ironic, given how “They treat the symptoms, not heal the body!!!” is one of the stock attacks on those evil ‘allopaths’, with their chemicals) is the notion of some sort of ideal state of purity and harmony(with heavy moral overtones) that you either adhere to or deviate from, which is why all diseases can usually be resolved just by giving you a suitable shove back toward righteousness.

Team biology, by contrast, suggests that even fairly simple organisms, much less humans, are a raging mess of (at best) dynamic equilibria between a few zillion cell types (a majority of them not even cells of that organism; but various sometimes-symbiotic fellow travellers), with deviation from the statistical norm (some of it harmless, some quite lethal) possible on an overwhelming number of different points, hence the proliferation of diseases and treatments.


While I heartily approve of the notion that, if a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing, that paper appears to be giving the numbers for total dissociation into a vapor-phase of detached atoms of a human. You don’t need to go nearly as far as, say, breaking the hydrogen-oxygen bonds in water, to annihilate a life form. Even below the boiling point, most non-extremophiles will suffer massive denaturing of vital proteins and interruption of huge amounts of life critical chemistry. Their value represents and extreme worst case scenario; but forceful shutdowns are clearly achievable at far lower energy costs.

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The one true cause of all disease then, is life.


Why do so many people who proudly claim to be “skeptics” or “skeptical” display such a total, illogical, unreasoning faith in the disbursers of patent medicine?


To be fair, there are two types of chiropractors. Some only promise to make your back feel better. I was surprised subluxations didn’t make the list, but I do see blocked nerves, which might be the same thing.

Yup. From my experience reading Harriet Hall, it sounds like she’s had a lot more experience with the sort of chiropractor that promises a lot more than that. I’ve run into both.

Pfft. Everyone knows that the true cause of all disease is [REDACTED BY BIG PHARMA] but THEY won’t let you know because [REDACTED BY THEY] would just go into their gardens and pick [REDACTED BY FDA] and [REDACTED BY GRAY ALIENS] enema to flush out [REDACTED BY NSA] leading to