How to easily batch geotag DSLR photos in Lightroom

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Confession: I’ve never seen the value in geotagging photos, and if I remember I’m more likely to remove it if I post it on the web (along with other exif data). However, if I did geotag my photos this is how I would do it. No need to worry about leaking information I don’t want to leak since I’m selecting the photos to be geotagged.

Although I’m still not convinced that geotagging has any greater value (to me, obviously) than a simple tag in Lightroom (“home” or “Venice” or whatever).

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I did use geotagging once to attach a protest sign to a local Church of Scientology location in the Google Maps-verse.

When I shoot with my RX100m3, I have another device make a GPS track. When I get home, I use the “BreezeBrowser Pro” app for Windows to read the track and geotag all my photos at once. For this to be accurate, I set my camera’s clock to the second at the start of the day.

Several times, I’ve wondered what a vacation shot was about, and found the answer by looking at the location. That same app has a “show map” button that brings up a Google map. This is all on my PC; nothing goes to the cloud.

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