How To: Feed the trolls


This is why, depending on the situation and the response, I’m grateful to people who feed the trolls. The trolls may not learn anything–to my mind trolls, by definition, aren’t interested and are merely seeking attention–but the rest of us do.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget Kroeber’s description of anthropology.


Perhaps a touch nitpicky, but Emily is the Field Museum’s “Chief Curiosity Correspondent” (literally the best job title ever), and runs the Brain Scoop tumblr. Katie is the name of the intern who administered the schooling!


Yes, thank you. That was me thinking about one person while writing about another.

I’d need a better look at that necklace to tell for sure, but it looks a bit like lacework with beads on it. If someone used the same techniques and made a table cover I wonder if it would count in the same peoples minds as “primitive”.

This is why I am sometimes grateful for the trolls,


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