How to make a boombox that's less than half-an-inch thick

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Pretty neat but i do wish the tape deck actually worked if they’re gunna bother including that detail


Totally radikool!

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Step 1: Find someone who can make a 17-layer PCB.


Hey, at least it performs a function, powering the device. Cassettes are the perfect size device for music IMHO, better than Minidisc (a bit too small and fragile?) and certainly better than an SD card (way too small). The snap of the magnet gives that very satisfying mechanical feedback that loading a tape would provide. Sure MAYBE you could add a motor to actually turn the tape reels from start to finish, again that could trip a power switch when done, but that motor would likely add up to an inch in thickness I would guess, and that would need it’s own battery source.

Actually, a much better approach might be to make a self-powered cassette tape which contains it’s own battery and motor, and it would just turn the cassette reels when loaded. It really can be just a dummy tape with no actual tape, just wheels that turn for extra bling. Maybe even some blinking LEDs!

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Ok, maybe you could hack something with like a Sony WM-20 or similar, but it would be a shame to chop up a working example, they are probably quite scarce as it is. For consideration though, here’s a smallish cassette player:

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