How to make a stool by chewing the wood with your teeth


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I used to chew my pencils in school and sometimes I’d swallow some of that wood and then . . . oh, wait . . . wrong stool. Nevermind.


I was going to say, if you want to make a wooden stool you need to swallow a lot more of the wood than that.


No biggie. I can make a stool by chewing most anything (especially high fiber veggies).



Look, he has a stool to show for his efforts and, hey, if this is how he wants to spend his time, god bless… but this is one of the stupidest endeavors I’ve ever seen. I think I get more curious about why people do things like this, rather than the thing they are doing, but I suspect the answer always comes back to some form or narcissism.


For a contrast of something completely fascinating and valuable (on many levels) I recommend (and I think BB has linked this guy before, probably multiple times) the primitive technology channel.


How to make a stool by chewing the wood with your teeth

Step 1: Find a horny beaver of the opposite sex.

Step 1138: Beam with pride as your offspring presents the finished stool.

Fun fact - this is basically identical to the steps for not having to mow your own yard anymore.


My dentist says, “Try Ikea.”


I feel satisfied that so many of us went there.


Fifth grade is great, ain’t it?


It’s wonderful to dive deep and find my inner child every once in awhile.

Ok. Maybe not all that deep. And not that rarely.


Haha, you beat me too it. The headline write its own jokes.


Hey! When you get old enough you come full circle. Get off my lawn! Pardon me while I yell at clouds.


Must have termite in his genealogy.



What are you doing right now?


He he. . . I saw that joke coming. . . errr. . . going.


No that. Or will I ever.


Cute but dumb


I think this guy was a beaver in a past life.