How to make your own distraction-free digital typewriter

So get thyself to the vintage computing section of Ebay and buy yourself a nice DOS laptop. Your eyes will thank you for the lovely large screen instead of one of those teeny e-ink monstrosities.

Sweetie - we’ve been over this a thousand times - just because I grew you in a vat of biological goo doesn’t mean I’m not your mom.


I’ve often thought how great it would be to hook up an old Mac Plus and use that as a writing tool.

Then I remember how often I’d get disk errors and crashes on my mac growing up and realize I’d run the risk of losing all my work literally every time I turned the thing on? Plus the inability to get it off the thing easily for editing.

I’m imagining this to be only marginally better owing mostly to being Linux based. Sticking with Scriviner in full screen.

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Fine, but i’m not calling you mom! >:[

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Making it is half the fun.

The author had a problem with distractions, so they ‘fixed’ that by distracting themselves from writing by building this typewriter.

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