How to protect whistleblowers on the internet


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“How free is the freedom of the press?”

Well in 2016 it ain’t very free and the deplorable state of journalism is at an all time low, a disturbing & disgusting FACT!


I’m glad people like Mr. Timm try to take a stand against the joint predators of big government and big business. I hope he’s still alive. Not many years ago folks like Steve Irving,“The Crocodile Hunter”, were considered wild and crazy, Death defying because they lived life to the fullest and tempted fate. Now it’s the person wild and crazy enough to tell the truth who is risking life and limb. I knew a lot of kids who idolized Steve Irvin, wanted to be just like him when they grew up. I wonder if kids today sit around and talk about finding the crazy and dangerous truth. Do they tell each other “I ain’t scared, I find the truth like that I’ll tell everyone.”


No, I don’t think they do. College students, maybe, but those are the Ethics majors, and the NSA doesn’t put secrets in their hands to begin with.


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