How to recreate the sounds of "Forbidden Planet"




Great one you guys and gal!
I have the 10 tray version Excalibur that I have used for both veggies fruits and Biltong, a South African style jerky. I wish now I had put out a few more dollars for the built in timer though. Also use the Lens Pen Cleaning System.
Keep reviewing my stuff!

BTW, Jason suggested a show where you talk about the stuff you bought from suggestion on other shows. Neat idea.


The Lost in Space Robot (aka B-9 aka G.U.N.T.R.) was not Robby, who actually guest starred in two episodes. However, they were both built by the same guy, so there is a family resemblance.


A class M3, Model B9 General utility, non-theorizing environmental control ROBOT.

My iPhone is set up to speak to me like a B9.

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