How to reengineer our systems to address climate change's refugee crisis and create new, high-density cities on demand

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I’ve always wondered if the (numerous) failings of temporary setups pushed pas their service lives are really an engineering problem or a side effect of an incentive/perception problem.

I certainly don’t doubt that there is room for engineering improvements to the cost and quality of quick-build permanent structures; but the fact that what we have now is largely ‘temporary’ rather than ‘incompetent permanent’ suggests some sort of institutional incentive rather than just lack of money or talent.

I’d imagine that, even if nobody really believes it, it’s vastly easier to sell people on ‘temporary’ than on ‘congratulations, you’ve won your very own involuntary and mandatory new city!’


Where does all the shit go in this temporary city? That seems like at least as hard a problem as making shelter.

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