How to upgrade your old MacBook Pro to be just like the new one


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Hmm. I didn’t see anything about maintaining the appropriate level of disdain for users of the pre-contemporary-MBP.


I upgraded my 2009 macbook with maxed out RAM and replaced the hard drive with a solid state drive. Despite it’s slightly beat up exterior, it works much faster than new and faster than models I tried that were a couple years newer.

Seeing if I can get 10 full years of use out of it.

Suck it, Apple.


That’s the spirit!

I’m limping across the finish line with my 2007 iMac.


He forgot to remove half the ram and reduce the number of external monitors supported.

Likely his battery has already decreased itself to the appropriate battery life.

Other then that, seems legit. :slight_smile:


Speaking of laptops, check out this beast:

64gb ram, 21" curved display, mechanical keyboard, up to 5 raided ssd…only requires 2 power supplies and costs $9k, carrying it to starbucks (which is where i assume people who buy this kind of thing get coffee) is a free workout.


Late Christmas present for little Barron? After all, he’s good with the Cyber!


I got 8 years out of my last one. Three years on the current one so far. the new one looks like a downgrade.


I’ll counter that with:


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