How Wechat censors images in private chats

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Fantastically dystopian. Technology isn’t going to set us free, it’s going to tighten the chains. Good to know.


Facebook does this too. I can’t post a picture of a hairy butt on it.


I don’t use apps for any of that. The problem is when it’s the only way to do those.


I wonder how their systems fare vs. steganography techniques


So now that the details of how the system works have leaked, expect to find a new wave of creative euphemism that evolves faster than the manual review can keep up, and single pixel changes to banned images to invalidate the hash matching.


The smart phone is the modern road of empire, planting flags in our awareness, imposing policy on far-flung lands, sweeping up resources for return to the capital.


md5 eh? time to find some pooh bear collisions

Steganography, when done properly, doesn’t fare well as a functional technology either. It becomes difficult to figure out exactly where you put what. In my experience.


Already provided for:

But if there were more choices in online services we could have it all, convenient apps and not being censored, having privacy invaded, etc etc, because people would have more choice / competition. Let’s break up big tech!

I can save some money doing some things online (Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, Airbnb, Lyft/Uber) also I can save time. I can put library holds online. Email. Sure some of those things I mentioned have their own problems but that only furthers the point. Should we stop expecting new technology to give us new benefits today because we don’t have to use it? Personally I am looking forwards to having robots do my chores, and I don’t want them to also be surveilling me. And I know I also don’t have to use the wheel or fire or sharp sticks, or telephones, or snail mail, i can go back to the Stone Age, but i like having the choice to use them without being surveilled etc etc. Like I said let’s break up big tech and have more choices.

Certainly seems like a plan. In theory. However, this has been tried before. The government broke up AT&T into baby Bells. Southwestern Bell quickly grew, swallowed all the baby Bells and changed its name to…AT&T.

The Chinese government will get right on that and break up Tencent (makers of WeChat).

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I can’t remember when was the last time that I used WeChat.

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