Human Resource Machine will teach you to program and it will be adorable

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I love the game! Being an actual programmer I ‘beat’ it pretty fast, but some of the optimization puzzles, especially on the optional left track levels, can get pretty devious. It’s very much like writing 6502 assembly language and optimizing for every single byte (or cycle).

On the other hand, it will also teach you why people say GOTO (JMP) statements are bad. By the time you get to the end levels your programs are giant spaghetti messes no matter how clean you try to keep it.

If you like this one and get really motivated, TIS-100 (also on Steam) is the next level up.

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Wait, this is a game?

This game is awesome - I saw this post yesterday and bought it immediately - then I had to implement the “CPU” it uses in JavaScript:

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