Hunger is a mood: the psychology of weight loss and self-control

They’re also quite hard to obey when they tell you to stand up while driving. Seems like that would be an easy scenario to recognize and avoid.

I get this this:

Kid: I’m soooooo hungry. I’m starving! Can I have lunch now? Please?!?!
Me: Sure, we’re low on choices. How about x?
Kid: Ugh! I hate X. How about something else? I’m starving!
Me: The hungrier you are the less picky you should be. So either you’re starving but will eat X even though you don’t like it, or you’re not all that hungry and won’t eat X. You can’t be super hungry AND picky.


Much to the dismay of the adults in my life I was perfectly willing to forgo eating when the options were gross.

There were multiple times when I’d go camping with the girl scouts when breakfast was gross so I’d just have a glass of milk, lunch was gross so I’d wait until out daily hike for some trail mix. Then I’d run around all day, hiking, making crafts, doing camping things until a half way edible dinner presented itself.

I was never the type to demand different food though, unless asked, just “It’s cool I don’t need to eat.”

I hated eating out b/c the portions were always to big and I didn’t want to get fussed at for wasting food.

I got especially annoyed by family members trying to make me clean my plate when I was nauseatingly full who were always on diets themselves.


Have you read Bitch Planet? Here is one of my favorite scenes in that comic:


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