Don't listen to Mom (or observational data): Breakfast isn't necessarily the most important meal of the day


That’s not what it say. Breakfast may not be the most important they’re all important, but it still is vital. The article says it’s not the most important for weight loss but not about anything else. If you haven’t eaten in 10 hours or so your body needs food to operate properly.


Walt Jr. will be devastated.


The article makes no mention of the composition of the breakfasts in question (eg. protein/fats/carbs). I’ve found that having a high-protein/low-carb breakfast (at least 30g protein) right after awaking has really helped me lose weight and keep it off.

From what I’ve read on the Internet (and so it MUST be correct) this has to do with something called leptin signaling.

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The Intermittant Fasters will be upset to find out that they’re not operating properly, with going 18 to 24 hours in a fast.

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Pfft. This is all besides the point.

“Breakfast” was created by the cereal companies to sell their products.

They invented the meal when early customers looked at bowls of Corn Flakes and said “What? I’m not eating that crap for lunch.”


The idea that a human has to consume calories constantly is ludicrous. We never would have survived long enough to create agrarian societies if this were true.

I practice 16/8 fasting so most days I don’t consume calories before 11:30am. I have more energy and feel less hunger on days when I don’t eat breakfast. In my experience a lot of people who say they skip breakfast aren’t actually skipping calories. You might skip breakfast, but do you eat a donut when you get to work? Do you stop at the coffee shop and get some 63g of sugar caramel latte double fudge swirl? You are not giving your body a break if you do. I don’t even put cream in my coffee anymore.


The debate rages on. What’s the most important thing: breakfast or family?


I generally don’t do well with skipping breakfast, but I have noticed one interesting thing over the years: there is a very strong correlation between eating a lot at night and waking up hungry. If I go to bed hungry or nearly hungry, I wake up with a lot less of an appetite.

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The opposite here, I prefer to wait at least 3-4 hours after waking up to eat breakfast, otherwise I’m sluggish all day. In fact, I function much better with two meals a day, so my breakfast is actually a brunch. Conversely, dinner can be a big one, so long as I allow 3-4 hours to pass before hitting the sack.

i thought you meant of the things you eat


If you want to lose weight and get healthy it is simple.
Stop eating wheat.
You will have to buy a new wardrobe of clothes but. Sigh.
Despite the user name I am Scottish and having to buy new, smaller, trousers not just once but twice really hurt.
Short arms long pockets as the say.
Mind you I was carrying 30 kilos of excess weight so I suppose I save on fuel bills when I’m driving.

The American breakfast is a public relations creation. You can thank Edward L Bernays:

That is a bit of an exaggeration. “Bacon and eggs for breakfast is a public relations creation” is more accurate.

I suspect most American’s actual daily breakfast is close to the primordial one the article mentions: Porridge (hot cereal) or a roll, fruit and coffee.

Bacon and eggs is more of weekend thing.

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Yes and no. I suspect that Bernays’ bacon and eggs breakfast was definitely the thin edge of the wedge and the beginning of “the most important meal of the day” attitude about the morning meal.

Here’s one list of the top ten American breakfast foods:

Bacon is #3.

And the methodology is beyond reproach.

However you take it, our crack research panel at the Daily Top 10 ranked the best morning meals.

I tried some wack-a-doodle diet several years ago* that insisted on starting the day with eating nothing but fruit. I gave up the wack-a-doodle diet, (too hard to find them out of season), but I still enjoy starting my day with a couple of pieces of fruit.

I am however morbidly obese, I just like fresh fruit.

(*Not to be confused with the “whack-a-mole” diet.)

That is a ranking of the “best” breakfasts, not the most commonly eaten ones.

but you have to be careful not to whack-a-poodle

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