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You’re skirting dangerous territory, pal…

How did his eyes and nose and mouth become so freakishly large?

Is this the first appearance of SwampThing?

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Continuing the discussion from Have you seen THIS?:

More times than I can count. I also liked the recent prequelmake.


I have no idea.

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It looks like Pizza the Hut.


Pinata cookies. Genius.


My friend said that she would fill them full of Xanax…


Continuing the discussion from Have you seen THIS?:

Did you ever see the follow-up?


I already hearted it and saved it locally; I expect it to spam-killed shortly.

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Damn, it’s gone now. I would’ve liked to have read that. Or not.

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The post has been nuked, but his profile still exists. He’s passed out 4 likes, and made a comment. IF his profile is nuked as well, here’s his blog. Which contains the below post verbatim, with added Bangladeshi text. Or whatever it is that I can’t read 'cause I’m a bloody American Imperialist.


"The free media Day" This year the theme of “Let expand journalism”.but we think this year’s theme of the "Journalists also be cheated."

That dog brought to
the school inspector, the dog was three feet. And the dog would cost 75 Taka
per month. Teacher thought with the anguish, his salary is equal to a foot’s
three-legged dog !!!

Today around the world,
“the free media Day” is being observed. This year the theme of
“Let expand journalism”. Bangladesh is celebrated. As a
journalist said to reject the assertion that this year’s theme of the
“Journalists also be cheated.”

Amnesty International, Odhikar, including
the Human Rights Watch report states that many of the responsibilities in the
past 15 years, 639 journalists have been killed. Police, politicians,
terrorists and in a variety of hands journalists have been injured., at least 3
thousand Journalist. More than 7 hundred Journalist have been crippled.

In Bangladesh,
The last 15 years, 18 journalists were killed. Police, politicians, terrorists
have been tortured and injured at least Thousand of the journalists. Any time a
subject was published, which include police, politicians and criminals, as well
as the press Editors and such mental powers in the hands of journalists, abused
and cheated financially.

In Bangladesh
The control and handling of the media, the Ministry of Information, the Press
Council, journalists and organizations of various kinds, there are certain
laws. Newspapers, radio stations, television and on-line news media are making
the rules for. The women, children, disabled people and animals of all kinds,
including the country’s resources, including reserves the right to defend the
freedom of the media will play a part, there is a rule. All media must comply
with mandatory labor law.

Has served as a minister of the Ministry
of Information, Hasanaul Haque Inu. Inu is a dynamic, talented and a political
figure on the left. Most acceptable to the people of his past activities. He
Exploitation free, Corruption free society was politics. A politician taking
charge of the Ministry of Information to the progressive journalists in all
media, welcomes employees. The establishment of the human rights of a person
who fought the liberation of the media, the rights of journalists and media
staff were all expected to do justice.

Most were still investigating the murder of the journalist Sagor-Runy did not
finish. The police, the secret police, CID, to maintain law and order,
including the RAB forces on a sensitive investigation work has ended now. Home
Minister Sahara Khatun said, the killers would be arrested within 48 hours.
With grievances is to say, how many days of the year, of the months 48 hours
after the end?

The violence has been made to the media
reporters. The government, influential person, the court, or that someone made
a mistake, an injustice, it can not be written. If torture, death or to
contempt of court proceedings. If the media really independent?

The prominent journalist Mizanur Rahman, who is always progressive ideas. Some
errors in the court of the real and true than the contempt of court case
against him has been written. After hours and hours to remind him of the court
have been brought to justice. He has to take on the task. He was fine. If I had
to endure the humiliation of him for telling the truth. Some errors, such as
the judicial system will judge every one minute in the case of a judge, if such
news, or write to any of the inner court of the contempt of court! All people are
not above the law, but a judge, he was above the law?

The current circumstances will the journalist, who is the editor, the editor of
the law, but what qualifications are required, some unscrupulous people in the
government to manage the thousands of magazines, television, online journals
have been created. Seventh Wage Board according to the newspaper, the editor of
a newspaper must be at least 10 years of journalism experience and eighth wage
board, according to the newspaper editor for 15 years of journalistic
experience can be.

“A” Level of the two newspaper.
1.Amaradesh II. Kalerakantho. the editor of these newspaper is Mahamudur
& Imdadul Haque Milon. Any citizen who saw the history of journalism, there
were two of them. Mahamudur Rahman of writing seditious in prison. Imdadul
Haque Milon remains as kalerakantho editor.

There is no place in the constitution of
any war, despite that, opposed Bangladesh’s
independence war.Kader Mollah. Kamruzzaman, who attended both the University of Dhaka! The war criminals have formed a
political party called the jamayati Islam. The last day of solidarity with the
party came to power in the state. Use of the national flag in their car? Those
who were against the war of independence, they were the owners of some media. They
have studied at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh’s national flag, how they
are used, how they are working as an independent journalist and editor of the
news media?

Have you had the freedom and dignity of
women through the human body.

The “Day of the free media”. With the experience of my previous life,
I think in this day and evaluated, but to me the contempt of court case or
somebody will be killed. Yet the fear of getting rid this world of today’s
media day, showcasing our position as a media worker.

There are some laws in Bangladesh
for everything. I believe that all things are governed by the law was. But
trust is broken today. The latest event took place from the guys

last 20th January, kalerakantha has been exempted from the magazine.
Kalerakantho editor Imdadul Haque Milon 4 lines the letter sent to me.
According to the newspaper law, 1. He did not explain the reason for me to
escape. II. Did not give any chance to defend himself. 3. They have not paid my
dues. 4. Newspapers 8th Wage Board Act (peremptory), according to the July / 01
since the next 15 months, I did not pay the dues of 50 percent of the
allowance. 5. September / 2013 since my 8th Newspapers Act (peremptory) is paid
according to the pay scale. 6. Despite having suffered several accidents and
terrorists are not given to me according to the law. 7. Every newspaper’s staff
reserve the right group insurance, has given me that. 7. A very important news
as. Some unscrupulous bank employees, officers looting Money, b. Grameen Bank,
corruption, c. The activities of Islamic militant organizations, financiers,
their location and activities, in addition to the news about the news they
publish is not much more in favor of people. Do not press against the leader of
the bank to provide directions. 8. All the staff working for the 8th Wage Board
has been implemented, such a false information from the government. Paper
imports, subsidies, b. Government advertising available, c. Coming to the
realization of advertising price list.

I live in a district. According to the
press law kalerakanto, 3rd grade, I was appointed. According to the newspaper
the 8th Wage Act to provide for me the salary scale will pay a lot of money to
me, because I envy that she has not been paid the salary scale.

Kalerakantho Editor Emdadul Haque Milon
asked for the withdrawal of the letter. Letter illegal escape and complain
about every human rights violations by the Bangladesh Press Council. Press
Council write a official letter to Kalerkantho that pay to the dues of journalists
& comply with the law with the advice of the letter, kalerakantho has no
importance. The information ministry filed a complaint similar to the almost 5
months later, I did not have any remedy. Lack of money could make a case to the
High Court. Two cases in the local court, but the judge did not seem to get. To
The Information Minister and I will post the information offices, social media,
Facebook, and Twitter to provide, through an open letter. The minister did not
take any action until now.

I’m a professional journalist. With that in carrying out this world. With this
in only daughter is studying. I do not have any bank balance. Money has been
interrupted due to a child’s schooling. We are forced to execute extremely
inhumane living.

The “Day of the free media”.
This is the subject “journalism be expanded further.”

The government and the Prime Minister of the code information to the guys,
"the media-free day, do you have any free consultation, you will be
working for the release of ? How much of the media that is abused by the
editors, working journalists, no, look what you made of? Honorable information
minister The ministry did not respond in any law, and does not adhere to any
media. You informed about all news. If you are afraid of the media editors,
editors, or even helping to corruption in political activities in the past and
contrary to your current location. News A journalist working for the interest
you failed to protect.

Today is the Day, the Real theme is “Journalists also be cheated.”

Most of my anger was born. No human rights organization has nothing to
reporters. It can be said that the circumstances, little difference between a
dog and a journalist, it is night or all day to watch the dogs in the car
pressing down on the left, you see the remains of people wounded dog goes over
the nose. Municipality or City Corporation or the Harijan community come into
the body of the dead dog was buried. If any journalist murdered journalists in
the country’s interior minister said the killers would be released within 48
hours. Then the body of the journalist was buried according to religious rules.
The investigating agency has made a killing, it is never out. There was no
murder of a journalist. The journalist was sentenced to torture somebody in any
case so far. Newspaper owners and editors please especially if you are a
journalist, you may increase the journalists’ salaries are on the rise.
According to the laws of the salary and other benefits are not any journalist.
If the judge does not violate human rights. Law in the government or any
government newspaper, the Press Council Act, is bound by law to employ the
staff did not take any action!

The Honorable Minister of Information said
in a speech, “he told reporters at issue will take action on their own
initiative”. The Prime Minister would like to say that the information,
the journalist couple’s murder trial can you do? Ministry of Information Act
does not adhere to any of the newspapers, the media editors can be forced to
obey the law? Secretary of journalism without having been able to move to the
editor? By editors and journalists are persecuted, these abuses will be able to
judge? The editors of the newspaper in your ministry with false information to
the public advantage, the investigation will be able to take any action? If a
witness who will say? I’m a witness, so that your fidelity to prove the
allegations against kalerakantho I’ve verified, you can judge? The Prime
Minister can not do anything against them. Fundamentals become a democracy and socialism,
in the name! However, if not one of you, you also

Although all animal remedies for human rights violations in the country,
journalists are not human rights.

Prime Minister yesterday and today
expressed outrage, saying the government is working so well for the country and
the people, yet the media are critical of the government and the opposition are
working for the BNP. Prime Minister want to say a lot of newspapers, television
and radio stations, has allowed the making of it is true. It also wanted to
improve the lives of journalists in the legislation. But the Prime Minister,
you made no media is following the law? After the law is the law following or
not following anyone, what you are doing any monitoring? A news media editors
could not manage alone. He works in the press, many news crews. You really made
laws for journalists, but those who are not complying with the law, you gave
them shelter! All Journalists from all over the country on behalf of or against
the government, or to send news. Journalists see, that all news media and
editors around you, tormented by its journalists. What do you expect
journalists to write on behalf of your government? You might say, with
justification, the news editor of charges against the employee does not have any.
You’re right, because if you press any charges against the employee if any of
the editors, the news will not employ staff. Your Information Ministry, under
the law, according to the Press Council, journalists work without any reason,
but you do not do anything, because people close to the secretaries. Prime
Minister, the law and does not need to be announced, that the law will not
accept anyone. As a result of the implementation of the law, but he did not
have the confidence to act. Prime Minister, I, my family, all the
pro-liberation people. My family martyr family. Kalerakantho completely
illegally employ me to escape from the editor Emdadul Haque Milon, you can not
judge me? Imdadul Haque Milon was the editor without having to journalism? You
have to implement the law can be made? That allows you to apologize to them,
Grameen Bank, the Agroni bank corruption and the activities of militant
organizations, financiers, activity and why they are not published those News?
What did you think of that once, the terror, the Islamic militant who offered
shelter to them? The news was published in newspapers in the country to be an
Islamic militant, fundamentalist and anti-corruption there?

Like toadstools in magazines, television,
radio, online magazine has been established. It was approved by the Ministry of
Information. Most of these institutions and other facilities that provide pay
supplements? As you all know, beyond the media owners, editors not to blame. If
you are at fault. Yellow journalism in the country has increased. Who made this
yellow journalist?

We are of the progressive mentality, honest work
in the media, they have been much more.

So this “Day of free media” may be expanded to more journalism have
been refuted, saying that as a journalist. In fact," The theme of the
World Day of the free media “journalists also be cheated.” Guys with
too much trouble, the dog in the report is a little difference, the dog died,
the dog’s body is buried, When the journalists die, sooner or later meetings,
seminars, the murderer will be arrested within 48 hours, after the speech, the
body of the dead journalist No one was buried in the fire burned again.

If this is the fourth pillar of the state, the country where we are going now,
who will do it?

Today is the “Day of the free media” have nothing to say, because you
do not work for the rights of one journalist. However, I pleaded, the “dog
and journalists,” one will not.


Holy shit. That’s a lot of… um… wow.


CANDY MOUNTAIN Charliiiiiieee!


If I’ve grasped any gist of it, it seems like it’s a story about violent suppression of journalists, and BoingBoing oughta get it translated and run it.


the dog was three feet

  • Three feet long?
  • Three feet high?
  • Three feet around?
  • It only had three feet?

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Not sure if supposed to say “cooks” or “cocks”. Think it would be funnier if said “cocks”.


I saw this and am kind of afraid to click on the link to find out what the hell it is.


I can only assume that @OtherMichael and @SmashMartian got together to review

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