Opinion Piece on Controversial Subject



Washington Post columnist on "repressing gag reflex" at interracial marriage

Cliche comment about how both sides are equally bad.


Sweeping generalised comment bitterly insisting that issue is just another example of this country is going to hell.


That sounds like something Hitler would say.


The stock photo lady on top left of the article’s main photo made it into The Guardian recently (in an article about the perils of being a stock photo model).



Obvious off-topic spam about how a relative made $20,472 from Google in a single month using one weird trick.


Well if the article was’nt so over-generalised and the writer wasn’t so lacking in focus it would be clear to everyone that the legal basic elemental list of rights utterly agrees with the position I"ve been patiently yet stringently positing for some time now.


Any opinion about this subject is utterly invalid, as you have the precepts wrong because you haven’t read [book validating my point in a bizarre way].


lately enfeebled but originally brilliant though flawed thinker attempts to sum up and comes off as unhinged. . . . sigh.


Well, the comments section of that article are the official end of debate on the internet. After this it’s all referential.

Also, I am an expert in Intelligent Design and strongly disagree with the article writer’s position. He has clearly not considered embarrassingly simplistic concept, and no true scotsman. Also jesus.


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You win.




Passive-agressive question suggesting false equivalence?


Astro-turfer questioning everyone’s morals and empathy


annoyingly mispelled rant indicating that your statemtent is self-evidently false because grammaticl err.


Hopeless plea for civility and compassion toward those with whom we disagree the most.


Insistence you read the goddamn book.


Politely worded effort not to be a go-to fascist party member while pointing out commonly misspelled adjective.


Misplaced comment by deluded and drunk lonely person that Apple products are inferior.