Things that will cause endless BB arguments - Wiki

A listing of those topics which will automatically cause a topic to derail in circular arguments.

  1. Cast Iron cleaning methods
  2. Knife sharpening methods
  3. Coffee brewing equipment
  4. Flammability rates of electric cars
  5. Discussions about derailing
  6. “Misogynistic statements are ok when my favorite person does it”
  7. The proof of telepathy
  8. Why are we platforming [this person]. If we ignore them they’ll go away!
  9. Whether punching Nazis is bad
  10. Bidets
  11. Cycling
  12. Whether people who use leafblowers are bad people
  13. Bikes vs cars, or bike lanes
  14. Woody Allen, artistry vs creepiness
  15. Ketchup on hotdogs
  16. Pointless White Male hero worship and stanning/caping for insufferable asshats
    16(a). Clever definitions of libertarianism
  17. Homelessness in LA or SF
  18. Guy whose name rhymes with Peel On Rusk
  19. Rockstars and their penchant for underage girls (yes, even David Bowie)
  20. I did it to piss off Joey\
  21. Boingboing is not the same as it used to be
  22. Whether electric cars should pay road maintenance taxes
  23. How to pronounce “gif”. Hint: rhymes with knife.
  24. Masks: Protection or theater?
    24(a). Also, which type of masks?
  25. The quality of items offered in the BoingBoing Store. [SOLVED]
    25(a). Also, are they tactical or strategic?
  26. Whether the retired “Pedant Pendant” is desirable
  27. William S Burroughs: literary outlaw, or wife-murdering pederast?
  28. Do definitions even mean anything?
  29. Are hot dogs sandwiches?
  30. Is “whom” even a real word?
  31. Lists; who is in charge anyway?
  32. Is the driver an idiot, or is the infrastructure to blame?
  33. Do we need to use soap and shampoo?
  34. When folk insist (and insist, and insist) on making a topic about themselves
  35. Gun control? You don’t even know the difference between an AR-15 and an M-16.
  36. Mоist vs. Damp
  37. Whisky vs. Whiskey
  38. The correct number of humans that should live on Earth at any one time.
  39. Anything filmed in portrait mode except for giraffes and the Eiffel Tower.
    39(a). Saying “film”, “tape”, or “rewind” when talking about digital recording.
  40. Racism and other forms of marginalisation; do average white men really know best?
  41. AksHuaLLy…
  42. Ed Snowden - Russian asset or principled hero? (or is that covered by 16?)
    42(a). Also, what’s the best way to get to Ecuador? (Asking for a friend.)
  43. Anytime someone attributes Kanye West’s behavior to mental health issues.
    43(a). In fact, mental health in general.
  44. Robots replacing cleaning crews
    44(a) Date, time, proximate and societal causes and ultimate nature of the robot rebellion.
  45. Kyrsten Sinema
  46. Cats, their habits, proper care and keeping of.
    46(a) What side will cats be on during the robot rebellion?
  47. Frozen peaches.
  48. Discussions on whether color XX is really present in an image (pixels vs perception).
  49. “Literally”, “figuratively”, “actually”, particularly the first in non-literary contexts.
  50. Is the correct plural of octopus Octoputrices or octoputrixes?
  51. Ancient engineering know-how vs. Aliens dunnit.
  52. The “correct” way to cook, well, anything really.
  53. Whether housing made from shipping containers are worth it.
  54. The only way to load a dishwasher properly.
  55. Whether electric vehicles or internal combustion vehicles catch fire more often [isn’t this #4?]
    55(a) Are the robots testing vehicle fires as the first move of the robot rebellion?
  56. People ‘fixing’ stuff their municipality hasn’t, aka Jobsworth Councils or underfunded, overworked people trying to do their best in shitty situations?
  57. What even is a graphic novel?
  58. Who’s the best on-screen martial artist?
  59. Any time the Boomer/X/Millenial/etc “divides” are discussed.
  60. Babies on airplanes
  61. The meaning of Milk and the people who drink it (See also #28)
  62. Axolotls
  63. A law cannot be racist unless it mentions a race
  64. The meaning of “Bad Faith”
  65. American “Exceptionalism”
    65(a) Will robots treat Americans exceptionally during the rebellion, and what does that mean?
  66. The effectiveness of bicycle helmets
  67. Whether US coins are legal tender
  68. The myth that adherents of veganism won’t shut up about it
  69. Climate change protests
  70. Do the billionaires deserve it? “It” being:
    a. their wealth;
    b. their inevitable hubristic comeuppance
  71. Whaling in modern times
  72. Whether it’s okay for Snow White to be played by someone with melanin.
  73. Which generation was the worst. And what the heck even is a generation? Get off my lawn!
  74. Pizza Preferences
  75. What Westerns are and are not
  76. Benevolent dictators exist, for reals!
  77. Self-checkouts
  78. Self-checkins
  79. Whether peanut butter and chocolate should be mixed
  80. Do political polls mean anything at all?
  81. Is Starbucks categorically heinous or just generally terrible? (expect a chorus of opinions any time the brand is mentioned)
  82. The efficacy of using copper and nickel for their germicidal properties.
  83. Bring back cursive
  84. Artificial Intelligence (AI). What it is. What it isn’t. Whether it’s ethical. Whether there are any ethical uses of it. Whether it’s useful. Whether it’s creepy. Whether it ought to be extensively integrated into Discourse’s feature set. And so forth.
  85. What even is a McMansion anyway?
  86. The merits and otherwise of Discourse reacji, other than the heart. Also, no puke emoji?!
  87. Harbor Freight Tools. Are they all junk manufactured to go straight to the landfill?
  88. Whether deliberately adding foul-tasting products to a drink to combat bullying is a criminal act
  89. Daylight Saving Time
  90. The ethics of cloning extinct animals
  91. Whether it is a good idea to brandish bricks, foam or otherwise, while crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing.
  92. Should Pluto be a planet? (See also #28)
  93. Which is more responsible for road deaths in the US, the badly designed SUVs and passenger trucks or the badly designed roads? Also, should we blame drivers?
  94. Can you have an opinion about a film you haven’t seen, even if that opinion is just that you don’t want to see the film.
  95. When is architecture worth saving?
  96. Can cheese really be cheese if not made with milk? What even is milk? (See also #28, #61)
  97. Which president was (and could be) labeled “Teflon”
  98. Is it acceptable to eat food while s*itting on using the toilet?
  99. Any discussion where Boeing is mentioned.
  100. Marmite vs. Vegemite vs. Neither.



Discussions of derailing.

Misogyny in someone’s fav medium.


Is China a Communist Country? Ok, then just what exactly is Communism, then Mr. Smarty-pants?

Anything to do with iPhones.

Punching Nazis

Woody Allen for some reason.


The Dutch.


“Why are we platforming this person? Shouldn’t we just bury their output under a mountain of ignorance?”




Bikes vs cars, or bike lanes in general


I mean if we are comparing NY or Detroit style to the delectable offerings in Chicago, then sure.


Do you have any hobbies? Magnets. : r/wallstreetbets


Top post is a wiki. Edit it. :slight_smile:


I disagree that the arguments we have over this one are ‘pointless.’

Commentary that is rooted in hatred is toxic to the whole community, and it behooves us all to push back against it whenever we see it rear its ugly head…

But then how will everyone else know what we each did individually to ‘advance the discussion?’



I think I goofed up the wiki. I’m seeing double.


Fixed :slight_smile:


I’m compiling comments into the Wiki. Will edit to the spirit of @KathyPartdeux post


Whether or not to use soap and shampoo.


You poor bastards.


Pointless White Male hero worship and stanning/caping for insufferable asshats


Please check above.


I use dish soap. Good enough for baby ducks