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I miss the HF mailed catalogs, dang it.


I so love this and hate it too!

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At work, mechs often describe tools of doubtful usage and longevity as being “Harbor Freight”. They’re used to the Proto and Snap-On brands.

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hf_tool_sale.pdf (3.4 MB)

Hazard Fraught original catalog.


“I’m off to buy a shovel.” Good luck with your single use shovel.

Let us know when they have a quality tracker. :stuck_out_tongue:


Depends what you’re using the shovel for.

Several years ago I was installing several hundred square feet of Pergo flooring in our house. I didn’t have a power miter saw so off to Harbor Freight.

Picked up a 10" Chicago Electric for under a hundred bucks, I figured if it made it through the job I was way ahead of the game. It’s now several years later and it’s going strong. My neighbor borrowed it to install a wood walkway this summer. Cut a couple hundred boards.

My Harbor Freight angle grinder cut through 1/4 inch steel when I needed to do some work on my sea wall. It also cut through my asphalt drive to make a repair. Not bad for 20 bucks.

Was just using my $20 air nailer to drive a hundred long staples today.

Their casters are awesome but their furniture dollies are the bargain. It’s cheaper to buy the dolly and use the wheels on your project.

Their cargo carrier carries a weekend worth of firewood on the back of my RV.

It’s not all junk.


Good point! This weekend I had to drop everything and race to the farm to dig a grave for a very old goat in California by hard pan clay.

While the Ridgid brand has a lifetime warranty it performed the worst (suppose I should swap it for a brand new one.) Second place was a lame olde no brand wood handle one. Best shovel was an Irwin with a fiberglass core that used to have a plastic thingy encasing the handle; however that wore out and disintegrated 15 years ago so every year I put a fresh layer of electrical tape on the handle.

To be honest it’s not the shovel, it’s how you use it.

What was the price of the entire store?

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Got a good laugh out of that catalog, thank you for posting

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