🍅 Hate the Chef, love the Condiments 🌭


…they put ketchup on it.


On a hot dog.

Yes. I created a whole topic about this.

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Raaah! Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong.

This angers me. Like, a lot.


Yeah, that’s not ok.
UNLESS the hot dogs are intended for consumption only by children (who are allowed by law to put ketchup on hot dogs).
Onions are a nice touch, though.


I didn’t even order fries with these hot dogs, because you should wait at least six hours to avoid making contact between the dogs and ketchup. Pretty sure God said that.


Everyone knows only mustard and relish (not the sweet kind!) go on hotdogs!


As a hotdog aficionado, I’ve had a great many delightful preparations of hotdog.
Cheese broiled on top, for example. Or Chicago style. Chilli! Or Sauerkraut (even better, Kimchi!)
And NONE of these preparations included ketchup because it is illegal (and an abomination, but that’s besides the point).


Pushing it a little with the presence of tomatoes here. And the spelling, but your point is taken.


How many of these have you had?


Montreal dog: mustard, relish, chopped onions, chopped cabbage. Preferably toasté, since the almost universally crappy hotdog bun makes a steamie unpleasantly mushy.

Since cabbage is a superfood (right? right?) I tell myself this is a healthy snack.


Half a dozen? But I’ve had a bunch that aren’t on there…
There are some illegal hotdogs in the graphic, you should know. It might have been nice to label the link as NSFW, as a courtesy (for those easily upset).


Funny, I always associated the Czech one with the French for some reason. Fun fact: the bun is impaled on a hot rod that makes the hole, so the bread isn’t really hollowed out, it’s compressed. (I’m basing this on machines I’ve seen in North America, have not been to Czechia.)


Right, but those are “cheese dogs” or “chili dogs” - the toppings are inferred. Like a whistle dog comes with bacon and cheese, or the jumbo jet dog that comes with bacon and pierogies on it, BUT I will still put mustard and relish (or pickles) on them!


Would it bother you to learn that my favorite hot dog does come with ketchup?


The door is over there.


Well, there’s your problem.


And such a good-looking door too. Fine woodwork, elegant hardware. Truly, nothing could compare to unless it were a hotdog with ketchup, mustard, relish, and onions on a toasted bun.


Is it hard to come so close yet fall so short?


I use a paring knife when dressing my hot dog with Düsseldorf mustard and onions because it serves as a signal to anyone trying to put ketchup on it that I will f–king cut you.

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Right. I’ll say it. Hot dog, onion, mustard…and ketchup. Perfection.


They’re not bad if you hold the ketchup.