Burger King Cheddar and Bacon Grill Dog : expectation vs. reality


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do any fast food products hold up to the promise of their pictures?


In a word “no”.




On the upside, though, you get free time in the ball pit.


I never ate a pretty hot dog. How did it taste?


Pizza - but only non chain local pizza.


It gives me a new respect for the way 7/11 does it. When the dogs are rolling on the grill they look pretty good. What the clerk gives you, looks like what you picked. And then how it looks once yoive doctored it up at rhe toppings bar, is up to you.


Mmmmm… food poisoning.


Didn’t they say something about a dog? Is dog in the name? Isn’t there supposed to be something like a dog involved, somehow?

…maybe they just don’t like you there?


The Burger King Cheddar and Bacon Grill Dog is the Fyre Festival of specialty hot dogs.

Perfect for eating in your disaster relief tent sustainable eco-geodesic dome.


Oh, and somewhat off topic:

Perhaps someone could send him some of these Epicurean delights!


I feel like the more reasons to not eat fast food, like flat out lies about the food your are buying, the more society benefits.


Seven years ago Dominos began claiming their photos are of the actual non-manipulated product. I have my doubts though.


Pretty gross, though to be honest I would much rather have a slice of melted-then-congealed “cheese” like in the reality photo than the yellow extrusion in the promotional photo. Call me un-American, but something about a liquid cheese product squeezed from a bag bothers me. I’ll take my cheese product sliced, thank you.



I order Dominos somewhat regularly and i think their pizzas look alright. I’ve never received one that looked like trash in the same way the Burger King hot dog looks like.


except the person who took the photo actually got a hot dog with bacon and cheese. it may look disappointing, but some semblance of the original promise was delivered.

…a cold ■■■■■ square slice of wonderbread that you have to eat in a hot van full of mosquitoes with the windows rolled up would be more fyre festival like. :slight_smile:


maybe some fried chicken does…but more likely that is just because i associate lumpy beige crispy shape to look delicious.

fast food photos are like online dating profiles for food. your stomach looks through them all, they all look pretty good, you pick one and swipe right, get it, it doesn’t look like the photo at all but by that point you are pretty hungry and you eat it anyway. mmmmm delicious regret. lol. or so i’ve heard. from a book. or something.


That’s good to know!