Pizza Hut's intense market research brings us a Hot Dog Pizza Bites! Who wants one?


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Fuck, no.


Astronomical calorie count along with a glycemic scale of 8 onces of sugar.

What could possible be wrong with it?


Why don’t they just make pizza that tastes good instead?


Pffft. You call that a hot dog pizza bite?
Now THIS is a hot dog pizza bite!


Fuck, yes.


What is this I don’t even


Gross, I mean who the hell would want to poison their body with… is that a pretzel dog option…?


That costs money. Too big of a gamble.
Plenty of rubes and starving college students will eat horrible food.




I’ve lost and kept off a lot of weight the last few years and am eat healthy stuff like kale and bulgur wheat salads and really avoiding fast food if only because most of it pretty much tastes like a greasy salt lick now . . .

. . . but you know what? I’d take one of these to a party and have a slice (including 2-3 of those frankfurter tumors), because it looks like a handy all-in-one belly bomb snack food for special occasions.

I might order one for my office-mates, just to hear what they make of it.


Nah, don’t think I’ll go for it. I like cheap bad pizza, and I don’t mind a hot dog now and then, but I’m never in the mood for both simultaneously.

The sounds that now came from the dock-worker's lips were as follows: 

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn aug weppdwerin gling-dwn przil.

This Dr. Shrewsbury readily translated as: "In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming of a p̤e̙͖͈p̭̺͔p̞̫̭͓ͅe̬̞̖̣͔͖͔r̥o̢n̴̟i̝̤̩ ̛̳̦͙w̜̤̠i̗t̴̘̝̩̘͕h̗ ͕̘͙̱͚̳̘ạ̲̤ ̘͕̣̼͔̘c̹͚̝̀ṟ̷̞̱̩u͓̮̲̻̱̯͠st̫̪͟ ̡o̖͓͇f ̯͙̜͙͉̻̼̀h̢͚̣̯̫ơ̘̮̱͚̲̰ͅt̹-̪͕͈̕d̪̺͉̩̣̝̩o̵͓͙g̯̼̗̮ ̞͓̺̼pr͟e͝t̝̣͕̻͇z̗el̟̗̩̰̳̼̝s̡͓̪̟.͚͙̤ͅ."


If this was hand made by my local pub with locally sourced meats, I would probably try it.

Im interested to know what the cooks at pizza hut have to go through to assemble this nightmare. I bet they hate it.


There’s something kind of Freudian fearful looking about all those little weenies snuggled up in their pizza dough foreskins that makes me think you’d be fucked if you ate that.


I liked your post and would award you a medal for bravery if it was within my power. For some reason it reminded me of this:



That is a thing of beauty. Horrible, tasteless beauty.


so their researchers are drunk potheads?


Cheese pizza… maybe.