"I am an Uber employee and I support the drivers’ strikes."

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Damn, this could be a great move in the labor movement





They can’t be employees and independent contractors simultaneously, and that’s a crucial issue.


I’m shocked, shocked to find that an organization designed to maximize economic rent-seeking is unfairly exploiting its labor force.


The sleight of hand here is the constant use of the word “workers” on this topic. As an Uber and Lyft driver, I have over 3,000 rides under my belt.

I am not a worker. I am not an employee. That’s what I agreed to. That’s what I want. I like the income potential and of the flexibility in the schedule my independent contracting status gives me.

I’m not guaranteed a steady paycheck, but sometimes I make more than I expect. I’m not promised a certain number of hours every week, but then again, I never have to go into work if I don’t want to. I can’t be 5 minutes late to work. I am never accused of riding the clock.

I don’t have a “benefit package” with Uber and Lyft, but I’m not here for benefits. I’m here for freedom. I’m not working FOR Uber and Lyft so that they can provide for me. I’m choosing to work WITH them so that I can provide for myself.

There are lots of jobs in the world. I’ve had many of them. Uber and Lyft offer me an opportunity to earn a living while maintaining my independence. I am not a worker. I am a business person. If the agreement that I have with them no longer meets my needs at some point, I will simply move on.

The United States is a big, beautiful country. There’s opportunity everywhere. As I carve out my own path in life, Uber and Lyft are currently two of my partners along the way, and the relationship works for all of us. I can do me, and they can do them. I’d like to keep it that way. If and when any of us are ready to move on, I hope that we can part as friends.

Until then, it would be nice if all the communists and socialists in this country would just stop screwing with us. We’re happy.

How much does Uber and Lyft pay for freelance PR work?


So why are your peers striking?


Obvious professional PR post from a brand-new account:

“Income potential, flexibility, I’m here for freedom, work WITH them, provide for myself, opportunity, maintaining my independence, I am a business person, opportunity everywhere, carve out my own path, partners, relationship, friends!”

Ending with a smear that labor advocates are “communists and socialists…screwing with us.”

Man, you gotta be more subtle than that.


This is why I don’t use Uber.


I doubt they’re actually his peers. His post reads like corporate propaganda.


I don’t know, it sounds like typical libertarian BS to me. Granted most libertarians are nothing more than the product of corporate propaganda brainwashing, so it is easy to confuse the two in text.


It’s possible that the poster is a true believer that uses all those buzzwords and buzz phrases (which Uber uses in press releases and lawsuits), along with a gratuitous attempt to frame labor rights as communism (another management tactic) in his single post from a BoingBoing BBS account created 3 hours ago.

It’s possible! But the account creation, timing, and the way it hits all the corporate PR points makes it, I think, unlikely that he’s “just a guy” who wanted to express his personal views, and likely someone with the job of seeding talking points and framing the debate in management’s favor. Again, just my educated guess — judge for yourself.



As a libertarian communist, I call shenanigans!


I think it would be interesting if Uber did something unexpected like instead of calling them employees, started offering stock or stock options at certain number of rides. Like if you’ve given 100 rides you get 1 stock. And then bonuses at certain milestones. 5,000 rides: 100 stock boost. This would alleviate them from having to try and completely shift their entire business model to being one of the largest employers in the world, something they obviously don’t want to do, but might be very attractive to a driver, and would benefit the people that created some potential stock value reap some of the reward.

Oh, I just looked it up and this has already been proposed.

I thought the same thing, but he appears to have a twitter and wordpress account using the same username/avatar. One day shills are going to start creating minimal backstories for their fake accounts, but right now I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

That day already came and went, methinks.

Given the type of “disrupter” ethos of Uber’s business model, I have no problem whatsoever believing that their PR department contains an internal trollfarm for astroturfing any forum that is critical of their company and its practices…

Don’t get me wrong; it’s possible this person is legit, and just really loves being fucked over… but it’s not very probable.