I don’t go anywhere without this pocket-sized personal safety alarm

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I get the need for something like this, but for hiking I really like the Nitecore Emergency Whistle (A link to the site with no affiliate codes). It has a strobe too and can run up to 72 hours unattended. It is pricy, $30, but it also is small and I think water proof. It is also intermittent, just 120db buzz and then a pause, a flash and then a pause then back to the buzz. So it isn’t good for immediate self defense.

I am not trying say what you wrote about is worth less, just that I prefer this product for hiking. It also has an a less easy to find battery, CR123, but I think it came with two in the package.

Search and rescue goes out way to often in my area, and I know somebody that dispatches them. Hikers all too often don’t know where they are, and even with phase cell phones, that have GPS locations within 200 feet, people are often hard to find, especially if someone had to hike up or down trail to get reception or to get help.

I haven’t had to use it beyond showing my kids how to turn it on. I also cary walkie talkies to talk to my happy mutants, and cary WWII gas rattle/clacker to summon the kids back. The clacker really works when we are beach combing, it summons my critters back to me even over the surf noise.

Thank you for posting a product that you, and by extension Boingboing recommends an allowing for comments on the item. Discussion is good, and I’ll take a look at that personal alarm.


the loudest whistle in the world

“I also like bringing it when I go on camping trips and hikes, in case I get lost or injured.”
That little gizmo will never make a louder sound than your own lungs or a simple plastic whistle, and since it depends on batteries it probably won’t work when you actually need it.

That little gizmo will never make a louder sound than your own lungs or a simple plastic whistle

Thanks for weighing in, Hans! Would you be willing to consider replacing the word “never” with “sometimes?” Some people have difficulty breathing when they are in a frightening situation. Please, also consider people who are not as able-bodied as you and can’t whistle or yell in the best of circumstances.


Product description on Jeff’s bazaar states:
“Extremely loud (longest range up to 304 m distance).”

That’s not exactly far on, say a hiking trail.

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Given current circumstances; I’ve upped my safety equipment to pepper spray gel. But I’m a city girl.

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Given current circumstances, I have returned to exile in Europe.

I like the idea of the strobe, though. Thanks to @DeadWriter for planting that little germ, though I probably won’t buy that either. My next hiking route will be over the Alps, not straying from clearly marked pilgrimage routes.

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Nice, but I am going to take the Via Francigenica this autumn.


If I move back into an urban area, I’ve pondered carrying a small air horn. Nobody expects the air horn!

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