I love this pen and ink ghost dog animation

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2024/02/06/i-love-this-pen-and-ink-ghost-dog-animation.html

Also an excellent Ghost Dog…

Agreed. One of my sons is getting into animation, and he was asking me whether there was any future in the traditional hand-drawn animation that he likes to do. I told him that it won’t necessarily be easy to make money doing any kind of animation, but that the hand crafted stuff, while a niche category, might be less threatened at this point by AI and the brutal cost-saving staff cuts/outsourcing that CGI animators face.

Animators like Don Hertzfeldt/Bill Plympton/Peter Lord/Nick Park continued to make great, mostly hand-made animation well into the digital era, so hopefully the art form finds a way to keep going.


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