Iced cookies that look like beautiful embroidery

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lol @ “non toxic pencil”. Though I suppose the Venn diagrams do overlap, it behooves me to point out that “non toxic” is not always the same as “something I want to be putting in my mouth”

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I shall refrain from making the obvious, crude, joke.

It involves male genitalia.

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I don’t know who I’d spend two and a half hours decorating one cookie for…


They’re very attractive and all, but can you really call something inedible and non-perishable a “cookie”? To me that suggests a quite different category of craft. It’s like, if I hot-glue a blueberry muffin to a 747, have I then baked a working airplane muffin?


Is it just me, or is there some formatting issue with instagram embeds on BoingBoing? They never display for me. I’ve tried Chrome and Edge. Also, too, embedded video links are often fubared - only half the embed displays.

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