Idea for a Solar Powered raspi Server thing. No idea what it would be good for

The basic idea is simple: Battery, electric fence charger, Raspberry pi (2, A+, whatever,) Wifi bits (two of em so one can connect to the internet and the other can be what users connect to.) Put all of it in a weatherproof box where it’ll get sun. Fence charger/box might not be enough to consistently keep a battery charged though. That’s just the idea I had so if it isn’t gonna work feel free to educate me.

I have no idea what I could use that for. I mean in theory it could be a wifi repeater, or a scraper, or even an internet enabled piratebox… but I want /MORE/ than a filedump, or even a node to get on the internet. Maybe have it include a forum, or a wiki, or… something so people can connect to it and get location specific stuff. Connect it to a weather station and have it keep track of the weather on an hourly basis.

The idea came about because of how often I’ve lost internet access and just got used to the idea the internet isn’t guaranteed to be there. This doesn’t have to be a raspberry pi. Could be anything else that’s small, low powered, and hopefully cheap (since all the other parts are going to be expensive.)

Also I have no idea how to do any of the bigger 'host wiki/forum/disporia/whatever… I don’t even know if it can be done. I’m not sure if i’m asking the right questions or how to look. I mean this is what got me in college. I don’t know how to properly research.

Trouble is as much interest as I have, I live rural and would have to convince very non-techie people to give the thing a spin. Difficult when I don’t even know what the best use for ‘solar powered server’ would be.

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This server ^^^ is running on a RPi. Not solar, but safely in a closet. I think he has a second dedicated Pi for the database.


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