IETF approves HTTP error code 451 for Internet censorship

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Now all we need is a 420 error code. It can be used as a warning for sites like tvtropes as a warning that you’ll do nothing but sit there for hours mindlessly clicking through links.


Could be implemented neatly in a browser extension.
The relevant RFC can be codified for April 1st, along the lines of the one for IP over avian carriers.


 1149. The only RFC no. I know without looking it up :smile:

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Is Fahrenheit 451 about censorship? Or was it a banned book at one point?

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Both, although if you talked to Ray Bradbury, he had some other opinions about its message.


According to Bradbury, it was about how tv makes people stupid. If you’ve ever read it, you might recognize that all anyone watches is reality tv. The man was psychic, I tell you.

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Twitter actually uses 420 (described as “enhance your calm” in the API documentation) to indicate that your access to their streaming API is being rate-limited.


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