If corporate movie production logos and vanity cards were updated to protest police brutality

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I love the VHS effects. I had some growing-up flashbacks there…


Incoming copyright strike

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Me seeing the Di$ney logo:
“So does that mean Zootopia 2 will not happen?”

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I expected, at the end, the HBO logo to be transformed to BLM




That’s nicely made and all, but what is defunding police supposed to achieve?

There are several good primers on what it means to defund the police. Here’s one:

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Stroke of genius to leave it up to us though, eh?

All the causes given in this article that should be funded instead are worthwhile, but I believe that they should be funded anyway. We all know the money is certainly there, it’s just a matter of willingness. I don’t think you want to live in a society without police, especially one where the population is heavily armed.

Your police force needs a huge reform and I have not the slightest idea how they should go about it, it seems an insurmountable task. But without them you will enter a dystopia of private goons policing the interests of rich people and corporations while everyone else is left to fend fit themselves in a new wild west scenario. Sure that sounds a lot like it already is, but you’re not quite there yet.

There’s a difference between disbanding the police, and defunding the police. Disbanding is just what you’re thinking when you say “a society without police”. Defunding the police is not disbanding the police, it is essentially de-militarizing the police, scaling back the numbers of officers, and using the savings to fund social services. The money is there, but it’s being spent on what is essentially an occupying army that already protects the interests of the rich.

It amazes me though that with perfectly good plain words like “de-militarize” and “reduce funding”, the thing that people ran with was something that a child would have known would confuse people.

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