If you enjoy the work of the great cartoonist Gahan Wilson, he needs your help

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A Night In The Lonesome October, is what immediately comes to mind for me.


The ebook copy I have lacks his illustrations. I shall have to go down the the cellar and locate the paper edition.

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Loved his work in Lampoon. His collection of the Nutz strip was not only hilarious it was deep and insightful into the perspective of this crazy mixed up world as seen through the eyes of its young protagonist. His other collection" I Draw What I See displays his macabre humour, surreal imagery and the breadth of his take on the human condition. He fed my brain for many years and continues to do so.


I’ve been a fan for decades. Happy to donate.


A sad fate for a brilliant man.

This is “old news” in a sense; for a while, Gahan’s step son actually paused donations (while still reporting on the artist’s activities) for a time. But after questions about benefits, he is asking for donations again (“for a short time” so don’t dawdle).

Wilson still draws, and the sketches appear in updates.


I also am happy to be able to donate. His ‘playboy’ book was on the coffee table throughout most of my youth.

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