If You See Something, Post Something!


Posted this in the “Questions…” thread a day or so ago, but here’s something pretty from the Wales/England border. Genuine bit of fairyland, possibly.


While we’re doing fairyland I don’t know if y’all are as into lichens and mosses as me, but this lovely patch was growing on the roof of a playground structure yesterday (Brooklyn, NY)



Good luck with that. Have you seen The Burbs?


It used to be on cable every other Friday and twice on Sundays, but I managed to never see it. Should I?


It goes into the potential dangers of snooping around your neighbor’s house.

The movie itself has its moments. It’s my brother-in-law’s favorite film, last I heard, but I wouldn’t rank it that high. Tom Hanks makes almost anything watchable.


Directed by Joe Dante so Dick Miller will have a part in it. I had fun when I saw it in the theater. I should watch it again as I revisited Matinee last week and it was a lot of fun.


It also has Carrie Fisher, right?
So everybody should see it.


You made me go check the cast. Yes she is, also Bruce Dern, Henry Gibson, Robert Picardo, and Rance Howard.


Who was pretty good in World Gone Wild, with Catherine Mary Stewart, which I watched because she was in Night of the Comet, which I watched because she was in The Last Starfighter and damn is it easy to get caught in a movie rabbit-hole… :grin:

Anyway, digression over for me.


My favorite kind of rabbit hole.



Rob’s in trouble!




Some Colorado Springs signage:


The first film to make me cry over robots. :frowning:

Turkeys: being unfathomable since the dawn of time.
(and lest we forget)


The neighbours had their evestroughs redone, and the workmen were a bit sloppy. Among other things, I found a couple nails while raking. Maybe I’ll wear my Cordura pants and jacket when I mow the lawn?


I’ve got spinners on my wheel!

(More of a jumper, I think. It’s got the colour right, but that’ll be a tricky ecological niche to fill.)


Save 'em for the Easter decorations.


Or see if the workmen also do lawns and hire them.