If You See Something, Post Something!


Maybe it was intended to be read in the original Latin? “Dads are in difficulties”?

Sigh. Even libraries don’t make sense anymore.


Oh no. I said it could be a toaster because it is an electrical outlet and it seems it is burns, as someone tried to plug a defective device or a fork. So, this guy could be toasted…

Ok, it was a bad joke anyway.


dads who are hereos
serve superhero Oreos


Whenever I go to the mall in Tukwila, WA I laugh at the “no racing zone” signs that are posted around the area.

(not my picture but you get the point)

I always think to myself, oh, so racing is cool outside of those hours or in a different area?


Not 100% convinced which word they were going for. Could be Hipsters up to shenanigans…


Brutally honest advertising



Eel-powered electric bicycles? Cool!

(the internetz always provide)


some may consider that a bonus… just saying.




The dog appears to have eyebrows and a smile that invite shrimp and champagne.


Saw this while in a check out line back in January. The guy behind me couldn’t stop laughing as I propped it up.


Interesting point, it may be premature to call Small George a big jerk. Who wants to text the author? (disclosure: photo taken ~1½ yrs ago)


Too broke to buy anything…except thin mints!

Personally, I prefer this version (not my photo)


I found this URL very confusing to read.

A wonderfully passive-aggressive note/response






The grocery store where I shop has a carousel full of devotional books. Every now and then there are some wonderful shelving decisions.