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Between the engineering and shop buildings at work there’s an alley with really poor drainage and lots of shade. Shown here about 5" deep after a moderate rain:

Water pouring off the roof means going between buildings sucks, but it does make for a great moss habitat:



With frozen sliders isn’t the scarfing implied?



As a European, I am fascinated with American church signs. Very bold and assertive, very … American :slightly_smiling_face:




On a related but somewhat contrasting theme, there’s a church in Australia with reliably good signs:


This is great! I’m guessing Pauline refers to Pauline Hanson?



And Tony is Abbot, Kevin is Rudd.


Oh my, just noticed “Bless the burqa”. That would have caused quite the stir around here, we just banned it!


I liked “Terrorists are most afraid of a girl with a book”.


Yeah, that’s good. Nothing wrong with naming and calling out misdoers but a girl with a book up against ISIS is a powerful image. And her story is just - I really don’t know the words for what she’s been through.



Love it! Also: I have that t-shirt, the funkalicious spaceman!


Ha, the looks on both of their faces!


My youngest daughter, like her dad, absolutely loves The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The remake was an abomination in our eyes. We tried to give it a chance, but we feel it missed the mark by a mile.

I ran across this at Entertainmart last night and sent it to her:

Her reply:

$9.99 seems like quite the mark up for something I couldn’t even enjoy stoned just saying

I’m coming up on the second year anniversary of my Impreza being demolished, so I figured I would share some photos I’ve taken of damaged cars since then, starting with with mine:

The next three are from an accident just up the street a bit from us:

And lastly, some photos of creative repair attempts that I’ve spotted around town:


I’m using up our 123RF stock photo credits before they expire, and I ran across this gem:

Um… you took away most of the bread, ya doink.

Like Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me and let them eat crusts.”

Meanwhile, on the rich side of stockphotoville:

ETA: Oh good! Found it:



Early Saturnalia Gift.


Downloaded a radio app for my phone and its algorithm decided if I added an NPR station I would also like Infowars. WTF? Rage tweeted at the developer moments after deleting it for giving that vileness a platform.

I could see this as a joke on a basement man cave bathroom, but who the hell would put it on a front door? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


The retire side were determined in their sign placement this past election; rare to see one without the other.