If You See Something, Post Something!


Does he have cloven hooves instead of feet?

Have you thought about moving somewhere with a lower population of creepy sorcerors? You know, somewhere further away from the hellmouth?


I think his feet went walkabout. As for the hellmouth, these days good luck moving away from that. It’s expanding like… well. I have a visual, but I’ll keep it to myself. Let’s just say it has a way of finding you no matter where you are. At least the crazy keeps it interesting.


Found toward the back of a shelf, just in time for Easter! Scary bunnies need love too. Cuddle it before it cuddles you!

While we are on the topic of things to confuse kids, can I interest you in a hand built, $300 rocking ark?

Surprisingly not built for two. Unless one is very small and can be shoved into steerage.

Remember, if the ark is a rockin’… it means God is still mad.


I guess I haven’t been paying attention, but is this a thing now? Really?

The more time I spend wandering around the supermarket, the more weird products I see.


and flushable? really? It’s still legal to say that?


Yeah. I don’t think I would trust flushing them. Or using them, to be honest. Except maybe to have in the car in case of an extreme emergency…

“Assembled in America”


(How much assembling do wet wipes need?)

Anyway… change the colours of the green and blue sign, downplay (or get rid of) all the namby-pamby stuff (vitamin E, aloe, plant sourced fiber, hypoallergenic, paraben free, …) and you can market them as … [drumroll] … Tactical Wipes !


Tactical wipes, in an assortment of grits to wipe out even the roughest problems.



“tactical wipes: for those times when you can’t get to your bidet”



Can I tell you how much I love the idea of a tactical bidet?


I got a kick out of that. “MANLY men only use AMERICAN Dude Wipes!” Except it doesn’t say “Made in America”, but “assembled” so who knows where there were made, and of what.


Not to mention that I don’t see any sense in genderizing such a non-gender-specific product in the first place. Then the other question is, do these cost more, less, or the same as the same wipes in a pink package?


Right? And was it an automated process, of stuffing the wipes in the bags and sealing them in a factory that has five people keeping it running?

Or are there assembly lines of workers, whose days are spent stuffing wipes from China in bags made in China? Which would be better?



I wonder if 150 years ago, if you were sitting in an outhouse and had to use pages of the old Sears Roebuck catalog, did you choose which pages to use based on how “manly” they were.


Back then, real men used bears.


Hey everybody, you may remember me from eight days ago with my 0°F thermometer posting.
Time for an update!


Jesus christ, what a swing.

It’s 75 degrees F. here today.

I bet we get one more cold snap before official spring.


A current temperature and humidity graph at my location (read right-to-left, the x-axis is time of day):

ETA: I discovered last week that MRTG doesn’t graph negative values, so the -19°F from last week didn’t get properly recorded. I’m going to need to come up with a better solution in my Copious Free Time.


It moved to the other corner of the country. Went out shopping yesterday to insure we don’t have to go out this weekend as it will SNOWMAGEDDON in Seattle this weekend. The forecast is for below freezing all weekend (which isn’t all that cold compared to others posting here) and with the usual of the bottom layer of snow turns to ice, hills that will make you go maybe not in good weather, not that many snow plows I will catching up on my movie watching and book reading this weekend.


You have to look through the slide show…

edit. nevermind they took the sex dungeon pics out already.