If You See Something, Post Something!



“Go on, give death a try. Satisfaction guaranteed!”



One of my all time faves



Baby Tasmanian Devils I stumbled across online. I am overcome by the power of adorbs!



I wonder if they’ve started snarling, hissing and spitting yet?


Found at one of our many local “antique” stores. I have many more finds that I’ll add over time.


Red Delicious has gone from 50% lie to 100% lie


A couple of toms were chasing some hens around outside my mother’s condo last spring, lovely plumage!



ETA found in the same antique store as the corn cob truck thing squirrel feeder (apparently).


I consider this a public service, not only to this thread, but also our nation in these trying times.


You say that now… I’ve found some really weird things.


Is there a Gift Shop or do you just take home whatever you like?



If I owned that set I’d be afraid that the chairs would rouse themselves of a moonless night, creep into my bedroom and smother me in my sleep.

When questioned by detetectives the next day, my neighbors would say they had seen nothing, but through the open window they heard a strange, wooden tittering and what sounded like furniture being moved around…


If you are interested in turning your nightmare into reality, I can swing by and see if they still have them. It’s a long shot, but you never know.


Anti-human accessorizing at Yonge and Wellesley, Toronto.

The edge studs were first, but that wasn’t good enough to stop people with no place to go from stretching out, so they added the “decorative” fence.


I got so excited and thought I had found my vocation when I saw this job opening. I would have been the best, the sourest analyst ever.



Is the truck firmly affixed on that squirrel feeder, or is there some kind of squirrel-launching involved?