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With modern tools, nephew art looks better.



Yep. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve faced this from people trying to talk my price down to free, or an actual client who has discovered Photoshop and filters/effects.

I really wish I had taken a different career path. Nobody tells a surgeon, “My kid has knives, and he could take out an appendix. Why are you charging so much?”


I’ve been on both sides of this, the recipient of the nepotism and the freelancer hacked off because the client has a partner or a relative who thinks purple is very modern, and couldn’t it just be more purple? Also round, round is good, and maybe the letters could be different; how do you make them look more like a comic book?

Americans have a distressingly low level of visual literacy and it leads to a lot of “nephew art”, in part because of nepotism, but also because a lot (the majority) of people can’t tell the difference between amauteur and professional results. I find that depressing, which is one of the reasons I moved out of visual art and into engineering. Machines either work or they don’t, and it doesn’t matter if Uncle Ethelred thinks purple is very contemporary.


Ah, yes. Clients who think that in order to give that company newsletter or poster or menu (or whatever) “a professional look” you need to [insert meme] USE ALL THE FONTS!!!

(Not my line of work. I had an after school/parallel to uni job at a printing/copy shop in the 1980ies. Interesting times; it was the transition from CP/M, WordStar, daisywheel printers, Linotype files and LetraSet to the first Apple Mac (sans HDD, one floppy disc drive, 9" b/w CRT), PageMaker and laser printers. I did learn some stuff back then from actual printers and kept up an interest since.)




Photographed today

Can I get an amen?



My husband’s friend retweeted: https://mobile.twitter.com/SarRavani



Was it Anne Wheaton? Cause I bet it was Anne Wheaton:


My daughter had a sleepy bearded dragon and a tiny rubber chicken.


No it doesn’t.


Orange is the new purple.



A colleague emailed me some logo options to review. Google made some suggestions about what I should respond with:


The latter 2 are vague enough, but the first one seems a little presumptuous, right? Is it really that common that the first logo option is the right one that Google’s going to just help me out with that answer? and as their first option? Or did the Gmail elves actually peruse the PDF and pick a favorite (I disagree strongly with, FTR…)


I could not get a picture, because I was driving and we sort of went by it pretty fast, but I was taking my kid to school, and we saw a largish bird on the side of the road… Not unusual out where we live - we see geese, swans, turkey vultures, hawks, etc, all the time. As I got closer and passed it, I realized… it was a fucking peacock.

What the fuck was a peacock doing on the side of the road in suburban ATL?


The same thing happened to me yesterday, not kidding.


Is this some sort of secret message? How many people saw random peafowl on the side of the road yesterday? What are they trying to tell us?



My neighborhood Entertainmart is…

For those who don’t know what Entertainmart is, and are old enough to remember MediaPlay… if they both stores were people, MediaPlay was a fun date. Entertainmart is a fun date after a long night.

There was a time when they were becoming shady as shit, but something turned them around and they are once again a decent shopping option.

They mostly focus on pre-owned entertainment media and hardware; gaming systems, games, movies, TVs, phones, records, CDs, comic books, book books, posters, collectibles, etc.

And now… SWORDS!

Because…? Because SWORDS! man! What other reason do you need?

If anyone is interested, next time I go in there I’ll remember to take some pictures of the swords cases. Yes. Cases. More than one.

Also, in the entryway to the left of the SWORDS! sign I saw a flier for a new business that has opened up in town:

I wonder if the “… and more!!” includes SWORDS!? I should call and find out.


If they were people? Now you’ve got me curious! :wink:

Serious, though, I am curious to know what you meant :slight_smile:


Isn’t it likely that most people would present their best work first? Didn’t I go back to Classic gmail immediately, because who needs those suggestions and all? Hey, which topic are we in?