Ikea to teenagers: stop hiding in closets until closing and then having illegal "sleepovers" in our stores


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Make the risky, rebellious behaviour even riskier.

Yep, sure. That’ll drive the teenagers away, because that’s how teenage brains work.


Come on, get with the program. You are supposed to hide to stay overnight at the Met, not a store!


Kicks keep get’n harder to find.


They should offer a stipend + room and board to college students to live in the IKEA “sets” and just go about their business, well most of their business…



I definitely have seen this movie.

It has murderous robots yes?


And with this announcement, and attached news story, a whole load of teenagers who had never heard of this until now all know about this newsworthy, officially disapproved-of trend.

Sleepover at Barbra Streisand’s place.


I read this! It was a great premise but I found the execution underwhelming. Not bad, just could’ve been better.


Surprised that they don’t have motion sensors that get set off at night.


Glans water goblets

Now I know I have to read this book.


Don’t you mean Target?


Just noticed the similarity between Ikea and the Ghost Ship. Chills.


Teens found with a set of allen keys will be charged with possession of weapons of mass destruction.


Pretty much what i was thinking. When i worked retail all of the places i had worked had motion sensors, i don’t know why IKEA would not have a system like that in place.


I had a good chuckle at it. As far as teen shenanigans go this is better than doing drugs, stealing stuff, jumping from highly dangerous places or breaking into somebody’s house on a dare.

I was the kind of teen that would totally do this but at a library or a museum instead.


This is why junkyards have dogs.


Does she have Ikea closets to hide in?


I dunno, this sounds pretty reasonable all things considered:

A Swedish spokesman added: “Maybe needless to say that the fun in it is overrated. A long night of sitting still, only to then risk getting into trouble with the law.”

I think teens respond to threats of boredom pretty well. Stores this size are staffed at night, so it’s not like a From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler situation. Which, now that I think about it, probably got more kids arrested ten minutes after closing at the Met than Ikea has ever had “sleep over.”


And they’ll sit around flipping water bottles.