Imagineering In a Box: free instructional video series from Disney and Khan Academy

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Endorsed by James Delos himself!

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Lesson 1: Comb through the plethora of fairy tales and mythology in the public domain. Remix. Rinse. Repeat until the world drinks the Kool-aid and starts to believe you actually have a novel idea for an animated feature film by cranking up pathos to 11. Remix as a live action cgi uncanny valley to rope in the children who are now adults with children. Slip in inappropriate racial stereotypes that parents can enjoy. Enter the dreamscapes of children until they become adults who believe they actually want to be trapped on a Disney cruise with appropriated characters who contractually can’t break character even in the event of an iceberg striking the vessel.


Lotta Daves at Disney, eh? Also, did they greenscreen the workspaces?

Neat idea though.

Assignment 1: High concept for a dark ride.

Travel through Donald Trump’s brain.

Wouldn’t that be not so much a ride as a prolonged stay in a sensory deprivation tank?

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