Impossibly cute paper clips shaped like cats, dogs, and wild animals


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I’ve got a pack that are shaped just like Clippy.


well I bought this really cheap off brand pack that’s shaped like a straight line. totally worthless.


A lot of these animals look like they’re smuggling something…


Lying here nearly crying over Alan Rickman’s death and I nearly just closed this tab without really looking at them because there is no happiness today. Then I saw the penguin one and for a second I smiled.


If I purchased these at $8 for 30, I think I’d go mad chasing down people to give them back after inadvertently using them on handouts.


Obviously you missed the equally cute Star Trek paper clips:


Nah, BoingBoing’s already covered them. And BoingBoing never repeats itself.


for very specific values of ‘never’


Reminds me, is it Corrected Bigfoot Video Time yet?


I think that was the “python” model. A more useful version might be the “python eating a penguin” model.


Impossibly cute? No. Not at all. Boingboing why must you constantly use superlatives? Later today you posted “Kickstarting an unbelievably cute otter-shaped tea-steeper” which similarly, isn’t.

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