In one take, this guy shows all the cool skills he learned in 2016


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The backwards steering bike reminds of the book the Design of Ordinary Things and the motorcycle indicator example used when talking about mapping and mental models. I think most people focus on the idea that they have to steer in the opposite way to normal while also maintaining the conventional mental model of bike steering. I wonder if you focussed on the idea that pushing the left handlebar forward makes you go left (and vice versa) would that make it easier?


I had never heard of “Backwards Brian” but fortunately at the end of the video there was suggested link that explained it

I’m going to have to post this in the bike thread[quote=“johnnyFresh, post:2, topic:92026”]
I wonder if you focussed on the idea that pushing the left handlebar forward makes you go left (and vice versa) would that make it easier?

Sounds reasonable, I’m itching to try it now! OTOH, I really don’t want to “unlearn” regular riding like the Smarter Every Day guy did since I don’t drive and commute by bicycle.

Bikes are the coolest invention in the universe

I’m rather glad that this fellow chose to use his (frankly astonishing) abilities in service of making some entertaining videos rather than become evil supervillian (1 day, 4 hours, 38 minutes) or World emperor (2 days, 1 hour, 17 minutes).


He shows some of the skills he learned. Not all. For instance, he learned to play the violin (sort of. mostly. kind of.), too.


Big deal., I worked with this guy Phil Connors and he learned all that stuff in ONE DAY!


So did he learn any potentially useful skills?


Maybe that a normal person can’t, for example, pick up three balls and learn to juggle in 5 minutes. You (any person) might have to actually spend more time (3 hrs 44 mins, in this case) to obtain a new skill. The process of learning something new is rewarding in its own right.


watching the backwards brain bike reminded me of when apple introduced “natural scrolling” which reversed the scroll trackpad swipe vertically then later they reversed the horizontal as well.




All in one take huh? Impressive. Can we see the outtakes?


You wrote “Backwards Brain” with the ‘i’ and the ‘a’ backwards.


That’s, frankly pretty awesome - and if anything, shows how easy it is to expand your skillset, really with anything, if you just focus and apply yourself. Perhaps a new skill every 60 days or something. Doesn’t even have to be a practical skill. I’d have to imagine the long-term effect on your mental well-being would be both measurable, and welcome.

And, think of the hit you’d be at parties!


The only skill this guy demonstrated that’s of any real use is putting the Patreon link at the end of his video.


I haven’t seen it, but I’m guessing he learned more to fiddle than play the violin. I say that because I had 5 years of violin as a kid and I still sounded wretched. Piano and guitar were far easier.




Not understanding why a skill has to be “useful” per comments above.


That idea reminds me of people who play first person shooter games with inverted mouse. If you’re not used to it, you end up either running around looking at the sky or the floor. It’s basically treating the mouse as if it was a joystick, so pushing up on your mouse makes you look down.


You don’t need a backwards bike to experience it. While riding, take your hands off the handlebars, then with one hand reach over and grip the opposite handle. You will almost certainly crash. You have been warned.


Maybe in 2017 he’ll learn how not to litter up the streets!