In this game, censorship does not mean 'deleting your spiteful internet comments'


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Censor derives from the Latin censere, and most oringinally means “to tax, assess, value, judge, consider, etc." This is what I think about when those frantic sea-lions get to sea-lioning frantically.

It also helps me shrug off the “it’s not censorship when we do it in this context” arguments one sees “in certain corners of the internet,” as you put it.



THat looks very reminiscent in style to Floor 13 from back in '91…


And more recently The Republica Times.


My thoughts exactly. With a dash of Papers, Please.


Yeah, i was thinking about this one, too. This one could be very good.


Clearly the art style and the idea that they are simulating a desk with papers you can shuffle around makes it more than a dash…


I really enjoyed █████████ but I thought █████████ was hugely derivative.


I had to censor your post, @cynical. I’m sure you’ll agree it was in the best interests of the community here.


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