Income inequality makes the 1% sad, too


Just because they’re crying while laughing doesn’t mean they’re actually sad.


They’re crying and laughing all the way to the bank.


I’m pretty sure the bank comes to them these days.


I don’t think it make them sad; just more paranoid of the upcoming revolution which will put them all up against the wall.


Indeed, or leave out Colombia and South Africa instead: all you have is a blob.


It’s pretty strong for a non physical science- so many confounding variables when you have to rely on natural experiments as well…

It’s also part of a wider body of research that all shows the same sort of correlation between income inequality and negative outcomes like this.


Oh I don’t doubt that. Just commenting on the spread of the dots.


Reaganomic’s nothing but Horses#!t.


Yep. With some bullshit mixed into it.


Taxing them isn’t really the Socialist thing to do, though, Socialism would be taking away their capital and putting it all under worker control.


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