Grrrrr...Dishonest spin about wealth redistribution


They wrote an article about a single 1 time redistribution of wealth from the SINGLE richest person in the country to ALL the lower class in that same country to try an make this seem like a much smaller value and minimize the perceived impact of such an idea. If they would have redistributed the wealth of the top 10% in each country the numbers would have been vastly different.

The richest 1% now own over half the global wealth and consume magnitudes more resources and do so off of the backs and sweat equity of the lower classes.

I’m not really for wholesale redistribution, but I hate dishonest spin, and I know that something has to be done about the growing wealth gap…I am for progressive increasing tax tiers and a social safety net. The average family has a hard time providing for themselves even with 2 full time workers, things cannot continue as they have or we are headed for some dark times.



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do you happen to know where that carving is or its history?



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A Republican and a Democrat are having a drink in a bar when in walks Bill Gates. “Yahoo!” says the Republican, “We’re rich!”

“What do you mean ‘we?’”

“Well the average person in this bar is now worth two billion dollars!”

(And this just in, Bloomberg defended the ruling class, film at eleven.)


fair enough…and the article is quite stupid. their main point:

What?!?! you mean to tell me that dividing one persons wealth by the poor in a country of 1.286 billion which higher poverty rates is a lower number then dividing by the poor in a country of 9.59 million with some of the best social nets and wealth redistribution and one of the lowest poverty rates in the world?

These guys must be analytical geniuses.


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@redesigned And calling this Robin Hood Index is misleading, too. Does the author know nothing about Hood’s mode of operation?


There iiiiisssssssssttttttthhhhh no wealttttttthhhhhhh inequality!



Some of you may not be for wholesale redistribution, but given the vile antics of the ruling class, I’m all for a comprehensive suite of extremely punitive measures - French revolution style.

Fuck those scum. With a brick.


Purges! Delicious, delicious purges…


See, the problem we’ve had here for far too long is the lack of an effective deterrent for this shitstorm of heinous fucking atrocities.


I wish that the rich were smart enough to get that this is what happens eventually. Like, why are they so dumb?


Sheltered from the harsh realities of the real world?


An excess of false validation.


As a friend of mine once shouted at a fellow audience member at a WWF event after being told his “Schoedinger 3:16” sign was not cool: