Photos of families around the world, sorted by income level

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That’s kinda misleading at the high end though. The French couple at the top is only 168k per year, which for two people with white collar jobs in certain fields is frankly middling. A single engineer at a tech company can make over $200k after a couple of years of experience.

More importantly, even that tech worker is still well below the 0.1% where 99.9% of the wealth is. To say “here’s the spectrum of how everyone lives” is to suggest that it’s showing wealth distribution and serves to gloss over the crisis of income equality we have in the world right now. It’s at war-and-revolution levels, and anything that distracts from that is dangerous.

We need people to vote for wealth redistribution, and not get caught up comparing themselves to poor people so they can feel better.


I’m not too keen on TED talks but this turned out way better than I had expected.

Sorry, but you reckon this was the aim of her project?

Very good TED talk. It would have been interesting to include how the homeless live around the world. Likely more commonalities than differences.

Did I say that? Intent of a piece and the possible results of it are far from the same thing.

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