26 People Could Help the World or Not


26 people. 26 people could rid the world of poverty, feed the hungry, teach millions to read, cure diseases or more.

26 f’ing people.



But if the poor are fed, how will i know I am rich?


But that’s okay, because they deserve it, I’m sure… /s


Isn’t it obvious? They must be God’s favourites. Surely we need to pray and tithe harder.

I know there are those who really do believe that. I pity them (because the guys they’re tithing to don’t… It’s just what they preach – literally! – to the marks).



Neoliberalism is a helluva drug.






If they’d take a Tip from Warren Buffet and ALL sign the PLEDGE TO DONATE THEIR WEALTH after they die…
But so far. …it’s a short list.


Donate it to what though?

Instead of giving it to their kids, they give it to a nonprofit corporation run by their kids?

I don’t think Buffet is talking about just evenly distributing it to that bottom 50% …


Yup, you’re right.
I guess it’s all in the fine print