Indiana's "educational achievement" bonuses: teachers in rich schools get 20x more than those in poor districts


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That’ll teach those darn kids not to be poor.


Seems like a productive way to institutionalize a downward spiral.

Well up their nose with a rubber hose!


Sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Shouldn’t those “good” teachers from the suburbs be sent to the inner city to fix the problem then?


OK, how about you increase salaries for those teachers in the poorer neighborhoods to encourage competition, so the best teachers will want to work in under-performing neighborhoods, thus improving them?


Ain’t positive feedback great?


There isn’t much inner city left in Indiana. There’s that part in the northwest near Chicago where the abandoned steel mills, strip clubs, and casinos are, and then there’s the more economically disadvantaged parts of Indianapolis. The problem is as much middle of nowhere as it is inner city. Indiana’s social safety nets are more dysfunctional than any other state I’ve ever lived in, and the middle of nowhere parts have no infrastructure, no jobs, no nothing.

This article doesn’t surprise me in the least. When I was in college in Indiana, I knew a lot of people from the more well-off Indianapolis suburbs, but practically none from inner-city Indianapolis, and only a smattering from the middle of nowhere in Indiana. There’s a good reason for this. If you’re not from the more well-off suburbs, you are pretty much screwed.

Indiana was a depressing place, and I’m glad I left. I just hope Pence doesn’t turn this entire country into Indiana.


Cathedrals charge admission? Britain doesn’t have separation of church & state, so why not take them during a service?



So this is basically speeding up the process started by charter schools.


Freakonomics has a section on these incentive schemes and how they encourage teachers to cheat the standardised tests by allowing more time, and by doctoring the students multiple choice answers after the test is complete

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